Living and working together at Strate Design School

More than just a school, Strate is a project fostered by a human community.

The designer`s values of benevolence, empathy, attention, and mutual assistance structure the lives of the school`s denizens. Students, teachers, and staff endeavour every day to remain true to these principles and to put them into practice.Strate is also a place open to the outside world, receiving our alumni, industrial and academic partners, and many other players of the local ecosystem.

The new campus in Bangalore, built specifically for Strate, offers several spaces for a common project: living, teaching, and working to work by hand or on machines spaces for conviviality and reflection.

A recognized leader in higher education in the field of design

Founded in 1993, Strate is now recognized as a leading French institute in the world of design. Over the years, Strate School of Design has built strong partnerships with major French and international schools and universities. Strate`s plan to expand its campus abroad, especially in Singapore and Bangalore, will benefit from its state recognition and professional network.

Strate, France offers programs for Designers (5-year training), Modellers (3-year training), and Innovative Project Managers (1-year training), and 5 more courses in Creation and Innovation. Strate, Bangalore offers a Master of Design program with specializations in Product, Transportation, Brand Identity & Visual Communications, Space, and Interaction.

The Level 1 Diploma of Designer is certified by the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles).

Socially Responsible Recruitment

As a result of the recognition by the French government, students of Strate, France will have access to the CROUS scholarships (as per the instruction of the dossier of Strate with the CROUS*), if they meet the required social criteria. Candidates who would like to enrol at Strate, France but are not able to finance their studies can register.

This recognition will impact the social background of our students, since they can, if they meet the required social criteria, receive a scholarship. We look forward to welcoming talented individuals from various fields, says Dominique Sciamma, Director of Strate. Moreover, the government validates the excellence of the school and consecrates it in the ecosystem of higher education.

* Official Bulletin of Higher Education and Research [France]

Professional training by experts

At Strate, professionals who are doyens in their respective fields, conduct courses to train the students in different techniques, be it sculpture, nude, sketch, watercolour, perspective, rough, colour etc.

Professional designers will induct you in the methodology and train you in project management. Experts impart marketing and technical knowledge as well provide engineering and professional support. In addition, certified teachers deliver language and social science classes.

Why are we called Strate?

The decision to call ourselves “Strate” reflects our focus on clarity, simplicity, sound impact, and an international perspective.

The subtitle “School of Design” clearly affirms our mission, that we are a school of design.

The school’s new motto reveals our desire to “make the world more simple, just, and beautiful”, and reiterates the fundamentally humanist approach of the school.

Creation of a new visual identity

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