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Projects are an integral part of the training at Strate School of Design. As the designer works on life scenarios with so many issues, he/she puts his/her transversal knowledge, methodologies, and techniques into practice. He/she, therefore, has specific knowledge, practices, and techniques. Students begin working on design projects from the first year itself.

  • During the first year, they work on several projects to test their ability to solve problems and formalise solutions.
  • The second year involves working on more than five design projects, including one in each major subject.
  • Every subject in the third year is used to work on six design projects to be made during the first semester.
  • The fourth year is built around industrial partnerships in direct relation with companies and their design, marketing or R&D departments.
  • The last year at Strate is mainly dedicated to the definition and development of a personal project.

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At Strate School of Design, the duration and type of internship you undertake depend on your school year. You are welcome to enquire with us, even if your request does not correspond to the allocated time period, since, some students may look for internships during their holidays or are in a gap year.

The Master of Design program enables you to take up internships in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th years. We will review the best possible internships that fit in with your requirements.

If you are a recruiter/company looking to provide internships to our students, please fill the form.

Strate Alumni

Past students of Strate have formed the Strate Alumni Association with the aim of building a community of nearly 1,000 graduates.

Strate Alumni is an association that includes all former and current students Strate School of Design. Its mission is to represent and unite the “Stratos”, to form a support base for their professional growth, to support the school in its actions for the Stratos, and to promote design and innovation in society.

The association collaborates with various structures and institutions related to design. It is, of course, independent of the school, and governed by the Act of 1901 on the contract of association.

Strate alumni also participate in all the events of the school. It also organizes its own events such as monthly conferences of Stratos to showcase their work and share their experience with the students.

Strate Alumni: The Methods

The association has a set of methods suited to its action:

  • A registered and geo-localized directory of graduates
  • An independent web platform offering the services of a social and professional network
  • Events such as after-work parties, alumni conferences, networking evenings, etc.

Its mission is to represent and unite the “Stratos”, promote their professional growth, forge connections between students, support the school in its actions for the Stratos, and promote design and innovation in society.

Our partners benefit from a privileged relationship with our alumni community and can join one of our three divisions: institutional, technical, or financial, to collaborate in the management of various projects.

Recruiters and companies can contact Thomas Dal, Director & Dean, Strate School of Design, Bengaluru for collaborations, campus recruitments, and other design requirements.

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